at Ker-Chunk Games


PrinceNapped is a puzzle game in which the player moves the pieces of the environment around the board to free the Prince from the evil Fairy Queen, with the help of the bounty hunter Clara and her ability to dissolve water.

The game was released on Facebook and on the Apple App Store in 2017. I started the game with my friends Molly Proffitt and Leah Knighton by founding the company Ker-Chunk Games. I was responsible for the art direction and the majority of visual asset creation for the game.



Working on the Project

I worked on PrinceNapped while holding full-time employment. I worked on the art direction, and assets for the environment, character design, Unity assets and prefabs, icons, illustrations and promotional material. As things tend to work in startups, we wore the various hats that fit our strengths and hired contractors to fulfill the tasks that were beyond our abilities. We also learned the skills we could for the project along the we, and I filled other roles as needed, helping with user testing, QA, and promoting the game.

World 1

World 2


Testing and Promotion

While working on the game, wee took prototypes to conferences like SIEGE (the Southern Interactive Entertainment and Games Expo) in order to get feedback From developers and players