In this page you will see a variety of assets I have created for either small game projects, or projects that never ended up going anywhere.

These first assets weren't really created for a game, but for an episode of the TV show 'Chozen'. In one episode, the characters play an imaginary MMORPG, and I was tasked with creating part of the fake HUD for the game. I worked on the icons and the minimap.

And this is what they look like in context:

Match was a very simple puzzle for which I created the art and UI. The goal of the game was simply to recreate the picture on the bottom frame.

Heartery is a game me and some friends created for the Global Game Jam in 2013. It is a competition where developers get together to create a game in 48 hours or less. Heartery can still be played at THIS ADDRESS.

Some icons and isometric 2D assets.