Ker-Chunk Games


Roles: Art Director, Environment Artist, Concept Artist

Skills: Art Direction, Illustration, Art Assets Production



In 2014, two friends of mine and I started a small company called Ker-Chunk GamesThe company’s mission is to create cross-platform games that innovate the puzzle genre and put women in heroic roles. We also started working on our first title: PrinceNapped.



PrinceNapped is a puzzle unblock game where the player moves the pieces of the environment around to rescue the prince, with the support of a bounty hunter hoping to earn a reward.

My main role on PrinceNapped was that of art director, I established the general look of the game and produced a large quantity of art assets. I worked on the environment design, character design, created icons, illustrations and particle effects. I also took on other roles when necessary, helping with user testing, QA, and anything else that was needed.



In-Game Screenshots:

These are screenshots of the game's 1st world, 2nd world (which introduces a new mechanic and a change of visual environment) and the level select menu.


Early environment concepts:

These are color compositions I made when first coming up for a look for the game, as well as early versions of the environment art. The pieces were much more detailed and had less contrast, which was enjoyable when looking at the art closely but made it less appealing when looking at it in small sizes.


Exit Portal Revisions:

Some elements, like the exit portal, have needed to go through multiple revisions as we tested the game and discovered issues. In the portal's case, the first version looked moveable, which was a problem as players tried to drag it and grew frustrated. We made a version that was clearly embedded to the ground as a result, but this time players thought that they would be able to move pieces over it. The last version is both embedded in the ground and clearly raised, informing the player more effectively of the portal's functions.



I created a lot of icons with a lot of different purposes for PrinceNapped. Here are some of them.












Water Animation and Particle Effect:

The water animation was created in Photoshop and was purposefully created so it could be tiled. The particle effect was created in Unity, the engine we use for the game.

We have taken our game to conferences in order to get feedback from other developers and players. The plan is to soft launch PrinceNapped in early 2016. We will gather feedback from a limited userbase, and iterate our game based on it before the final release.