About Me

I am Swiss / American, was born in the Philippines, but my mother is from Guatemala, and I grew up traveling the world. I came to Atlanta to study English in 2007 after finishing high school in Switzerland, and haven't left since.

I have an undergraduate degree in Illustration from SCAD, and have worked as an artist for games (mostly social and mobile games) and animated TV shows (Chozen, The Awesomes). I also co-founded a small game company called Ker-Chunk Games, where we produced and published a game called PrinceNapped. I have experience using a large variety of software (Adobe Suite, Sketch, Figma, InVision and more) though I always start everything with a pen and my sketchbook. I enjoy creating enjoyable user experiences regardless of the medium, and although my work mostly involves working on responsive websites, I love exploring other avenues in my free time. My favorite moment in my work is seeing all of the hours I have spent thinking over a prototype finally come together and watching users test them.

If you have a question or something else you would like to discuss with me, don't hesitate to reach out by e-mail.


Public Speaking & Publications

World IA Day, Atlanta 2017
 AR/VR Student Panel speaker (video)

Mobile HCI, Florence 2016
Co-authored the paper "Educating bicycle safety and fostering empathy for cyclists with an affordable and game-based VR app"

SIEGE Conference, Atlanta 2016
Speaker on the panel "Collaboration Methods for Game Designers and Artists"

Momocon, Atlanta 2015
Speaker on the panel "Women in Entertainment: Gaming & Motion Graphics"